Noctuidae Europaeae Essential


For the first time ever all 1623 known species of Noctuidae i Europe in one book - 840 pages.
  • 1523 species shown as live photos
  • 1051 species shown as larva photos
  • 92 sharp colour plates with all species in natural sizes
  • Clear and updated distribution maps for every species

Price: 200 EU

The publisher offers a discount of 50 EUR to anyone who has contributed one or more photos used in the book


It is a monumental work

Egbert Friedrich


We’ve never seen anything like this before! It’s enormous and packed full of information for anyone interested in European moths. Add to your library today!

Atropos Books


Excellent! An immense and extraordinary work. This is a nomenclatural and faunistic update, which takes into account the taxonomic and phylogenetic novelties published since 2011. I would like to emphasize the last two words of the preface: "Enjoy it" - we certainly will, Morten!
José Luis Yela


I am very impressed by the quality, a very nice must-have book for every Lepidopterist in Europe.
Jeroen Voogd, Netherlands